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Please note that the Sun City Posse is not a Law Enforcement Agency.
We do not pull over, stop, cite or arrest anybody!
There are a fantastic variety of things to do with the Sun City Posse. If working in a marked patrol car is not your interest, we have lots of interesting thing we do on a daily basis. Explore this site to see What We Do.
Call our H.Q. and speak to any of us about the Posse Mission.
We will explain everything. We will also give you a VIP tour of the facility and a ride in one of our patrol cars. You will be surprised how interesting and rewarding this volunteer job really is!
The Sheriff's Posse of Sun City, inc
10861 W. Sunland Drive
Sun City, Arizona 85351
Very little. The Sun City Posse provides necessary uniforms, Badge, the Hand Held Radios, Flashlights and so forth.We even furnish your morning cup of coffee or tea. There are plenty bottles of water to take with you while out on patrol.
Not at all! The great news is that the training for First Aid, CPR, Traffic Control, Patrol Car Driver Tactics, etc. is at no cost to you! You will be fully trained in the position by MCSO Certified Instructors. This training is low key, easy and very interesting. Also:
You do not need to carry a Firearm, as the work in Sun City Posse patrol is very safe.
To contact Ginie Evans, call the Posse.

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