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This password protected web page is reserved for members of the Posse of Sun City, past and present.

The protected page contains in-house information, policy and procedures as well as photos of events that would be of an interest to the Sun City Posse personnel.

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Requests for a password must include your I.D. number in the e-mail or your old MCSO #. Otherwise you will receive a counter-request for your Posse ID Number. This number is checked against our Rosters.

Established members who forget their password will be cheerfully assisted as well.
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* February General Meeting on P #2
See that P #2 has now been corrected:

Thank you for your service.
* L.V. Mass shooting report P #1
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Open House; March 4th @ 1PM
Shred-a-Thon + RX April 28th.