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What the Posse does in routine patrol.
We always need people to run the radio and take calls from the community:
Thinking about joining the Posse?  Check out the information:
How to contact us or drive to our Posse Headquarters:
Do you like to actually run an office or organization?  This spot may be what you have been looking for:
Sun City Posse Open House: Photo Highlights
Maricopy County Sheriff's Posse Units:
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Takes you back to the Sun City Posse Home Page:
Sun City Posse Annual Open House:
Your Protective Services:
In the event of a serious incident in Sun City, there is a wealth of services to protect the community. This year, some services were tied up on calls and could not join the display. Note that these MCSO services are active & On Call:
The Sheriff's Posse of Sun City, inc.
10861 West Sunland Drive
Sun City Arizona 85351
Maricopa Sheriff Helicoptor Fox 1 was at an emergency scene:
The Sheriff did not attend, so we presented OUR Show:
Call us about our Neighborhood Watch Program:
We need more volunteers to continue our public service:
Posse patrol cars, paid for with donations only:
Necessary 2-way radios and other equipment:
Briefing Room for patrols:
Sun City Posse Reception Desk:
Our Recruitment Crew:
Sun City Fire Department:
One of the new Sun City Fire Dept. ambulances:
Do not forget the people who provided refreshments:
One of our public shuttle drivers:
Another public shuttle driver:
MCSO On Site Booking Facility:
The Sun City Posse; a presentation of what we do:
Fund Drive Office:
Sun City patrol maps:
MCSO "MASH" unit; saving abused animals:
Just one frame of the largest police patch collections in Arizona:
MCSO K9 was there:
We take old cell phones for distribution to abused
persons who need 911 access if in danger:
Looking for us? This is the Sun City Posse H.Q.
This is our Vacation Watch Program office:
Patrols are dispatched from our Radio Room: