Dedicated to enhancing the
safety of  Sun City Residents

Serving the Sun City Community since 1973

sun city posse

Our History
The Sun City Posse is an independent non-profit community service corporation made up entirely of volunteers who reside in Sun City. The Sun City Posse’s long history began in 1973 as a way to enhance the safety of Sun City’s residents and their property. That simple but important goal remains our mission today.

Our Mission

We are not law enforcement; we are your neighbors, dedicated to adding an extra measure of security and reassurance for Sun City residents. You can see the Posse at work patrolling the streets of Sun City, visiting a resident whose family or neighbors are concerned for their welfare, checking on homes of residents who are on extended vacation, or searching the area for a resident who has wandered away. We assist the fire department in keeping streets clear so first responders can do their work, and provide helpful services like contacting a resident who has left their garage door open.

We encourage stronger neighborhoods that enhance safety and can guide you in setting up a Neighborhood Watch program in your neighborhood. We can also help you with traffic control and theft aversion at local events and rec center club activities.

The Sun City Posse sponsors community events such as our popular recycling programs, and periodic seminars to keep you up to date on scams and frauds targeting our area.

Our Facilities
The Sun City Posse owns a 10,000 sq foot facility that serves as our headquarters. The grounds also include a 4500 sq foot garage facility with 7 bays to service our Posse vehicles. The Posse currently owns 12 cruisers used for patrol and other Posse activities.

Our headquarters contain training facilities where members receive training specifically designed for Posse members working in a senior community and geared to the needs of Sun City.

Our Management
The Posse is run by volunteers according to our Charter, Articles of Incorporation, and By-Laws. Policies are determined by a 12-16 member Board of Governors made up of Posse members elected to serve a three-year term. Every December, Posse members elect one member to serve as the Commander for the coming 12 months.

Take a Tour
Stop by headquarters for a personal tour of our facilities by one of our Posse members. We are delighted to show you our facilities and introduce you to the work we do. Look for us next time you’re out and about. We’re the ones looking out for you.

Marc Fuller
Posse Commander 2022


Marc Fuller is the Sun City Posse Commander for 2022. He joined the Posse in 2018 after relocating to Sun City from Washington State. Marc is aggressively pursuing new ways to keep Sun City safe as well as to enhance the relationship with and preserve the quality of service to the community that has been the Posse’s legacy for nearly 50 years.