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What the Posse does in routine patrol.
We always need people to run the radio and take calls from the community:
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How to contact us or drive to our Posse Headquarters:
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Sun City Posse is not a part of the Sheriff's Office.
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Takes you back to the Sun City Posse Home Page:
An easy to read LIST of Sun City Posse services:
March 9, 2014 Open House:
Safe but large Picture Download, will take some time:
Your Protective Services:
There are many agencies available to assist and help the Sun City community. This open house presented some of the services available. However our opportunity to speak with you may be the most important service.
The Sun City Posse, inc.
10861 West Sunland Drive
Sun City Arizona 85351
Maricopa Sheriff's Office attended the Open House in a great show of support:
Maricopa Sheriff Specal Weapons And Tactics:
MCSO K9 Dogs are available to Sun City:
Posse patrol cars, paid for with donations only:
Briefing Room for patrols; Someone won this Microwave!
Sun City Posse Reception Desk:
Sun City Fire Departmen Personell:
Our Refreshmant Crew hard at work:
Assisting in helping traffic:
Remember to donate your old cell phones:
Sun City Posse Color Guard:
A reminder, we still assist in the Neighborhood
Watch Program:
March 4, 2019
Bring your old flags here:
Pick up Vacation Watch Cards at any time at our front door, that is 24-7, 365 days a year:
One of two K9 dogs at the Open House:
M.A.S.H. Abused pups ready for adoption:
Sun City Fire Dept; New Ladder Truck:
Can scale any building in Sun City:
Sun City Fire Dept. Emergency Vehicles:
Gift Packages for all our visitors:
More Stuff for everybody attending:
Lots of hot popcorn:
Always available to answer any questions:
No long walk necessary, we have a shuttle:
Free Lift to the Open House:
Radio Dispatch Center; How we send patrols to calls:
The Sun City Posse is in the process of activating a new GPS Locating System for Posse Patrol Cars to improve response times and ensure the safety of our personnel in the event of any dangerous situations.

If a request to the Sun City Posse is made, we can provide the closest unit and provide a quick response.

We hope to have this new system up and running in the very near future. SEE BELOW:
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Training Room Exhibits:
Many programs are available through the Posse:
Demonstration of an ADF which can start a heart that has stopped beating:
Traffic Office:
Our featured Vacation Watch Hub:
More Door Prizes:
A Medical Entry Key Lockbox is only $65 and could save you HUNDREDS of dollars. (MEDICAL EMERGENCY ONLY)
Click this button for Lock Box Information
A great opportunity to meet Sun City Posse Members:
We are Community Service and operate on donations only and absolutely no tax money:
Also the local Constable stopped by:
Sun City Posse Color Guard - Open House Meeting:
Commander Danny Moore speaks at the meeting:
Download ALL these pictures; ZIP File 185 MB: