Posse Emergency Contact (PEC) Program

sun city posse

Sometimes it’s the little things that signal an emergency

• Your garage door is left open
• Your neighbor is concerned for your welfare
• Your child can’t get in touch with you
• You missed a doctor appointment
• Your front door is unlocked
• Newspapers are piling up in your driveway
• Your recycle bin has been at the curb for days

When someone contacts the Posse regarding you or your property, or when one of our patrol posse notices something that doesn’t seem quite right, we want to help. Help us help you by providing us with contact information for one or two folks who can reach you in an emergency. You can also specify one or two key holders. A key holder is a local resident you’ve entrusted keys to your property should an emergency arise. Your information is not sold or made public. It is used solely by our dispatch and patrol staff to respond to potential emergencies related to you or your property. SIGN UP. Participating in the PEC program is easy. Just complete the form below, click the ‘SUBMIT’ button and our program staff will enter your information in our database for immediate access by our Dispatch personnel. If you later need to change your information, just fill out the form again and check the box to tell us you’re updating your information. If you have questions about the PEC program or questions about the form, please call and ask for the Emergency Contact Program.

  • Property Address

  • Resident 1

  • Resident 2

  • Key Holder 1

  • Key Holder 2

  • Emergency Contact 1

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