Good news!

The Sun City Posse now has the ability to accept new volunteers with a minimum of wait time.

Our appearance changed, but we will provide most of the community services that we are all known for.

Watch us as we transition to our new image.

Consider joining our Sun City Posse. It is a very rewarding experience. We have a shortage of personnel and are in need of a lot of good people. Candidates only have to be 50 years old to serve on the Sun City Posse. There is no maximum age limit.
Residency in Sun City is required, along with a valid Driver License.
The posse helps the Sun City residents on a daily basis, and the duties are interesting. We also have many activities where members enjoy getting together.
Call: 623-972-2555
UPDATED: July 13, 2018
The Sun City Posse, inc
10861 W. Sunland Drive
Sun City, Arizona 85351