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Please note, that to provide fairness in our Posse Membership duty assignments, we require a SIX (6) month residency commitment in Sun City each year.
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You can serve in the Sun City Posse and feel that you are making a difference. We have many positions of interest. Explore this site to see how we serve the good citizens of Sun City.
The Sun City Posse, inc
10861 W. Sunland Drive
Sun City, Arizona 85351
To contact us about serving, call the Posse.
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We are a Community Service Organization.

Joining our Civilian Posse is now a much faster process.

We will give you training in all aspects of this volunteer position.

We require that you have a valid driver license and are a resident of Sun City.
Here is a fantastic chance to give back to your Sun City community.

Your family can be proud while you are helping your community and your neighbors.
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