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What the Posse does in routine patrol.
We always need people to run the radio and take calls from the community:
Thinking about joining the Posse?  Check out the information:
How to contact us or drive to our Posse Headquarters:
Do you like to actually run an office or organization?  This spot may be what you have been looking for:
Sun City Posse is not a part of the Sheriff's Office.
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Takes you back to the Sun City Posse Home Page:
Your Protective Services:
There are many agencies available to assist and help the Sun City community. This open house presented some of the services available. However our opportunity to speak with you may be the most important service.
The Sun City Posse, inc.
10861 West Sunland Drive
Sun City Arizona 85351
Maricopa Sheriff's Office attended the Open House in a great show of support:
Maricopa Sheriff Specal Weapons And Tactics:
MCSO K9 Dogs are available to Sun City:
Great Music at the 2018 Sun City Posse Open House:
Posse patrol cars, paid for with donations only:
Necessary 2-way radios and other equipment:
Briefing Room for patrols ready to display:
Sun City Posse Reception Desk:
Maricopa Sheriff MASH; Adopt a Pup:
Sun City Fire Departmen Showing Equipment:
One of the new Sun City Fire Dept. ambulances:
Cookies provided courtesy of Fry's Markets:
One of our friendly Traffic Control:
A ton of great prizes were given away,
thanks to local merchants:
Remember to donate your old cell phones:
Our Popcorn Specialists ready to serve:
Meet some of our Sun City Posse Color Guard:
A reminder, we still assist in the Neighborhood
Watch Program:
The best part of our Open House is the opportunity to speak with our neighbors:
Mark your calanders for this double header event and dispose of old Medications and Papers:
Now, that is a lot of bumper stickers:
Personnel from Luke Air Force Base stopped by and displayed tools for handling dangerous materials:
Many stopped by to check us out:
This is our Vacation Watch Program office
A VW form is on our Home Webpage:
Patrols are dispatched from our Radio Room:
For the many friends and neighbors that came by to visit us:
Thank you!
February 26, 2019
NEW: More photos below:
A panoramic view of our radio room and dispatcher console:
Presenting the Colors to the visitors:
Bring your old flags here:
Another view of our visitors:
Even more prizes:
A visitor dad holding a future Sun City Posse member
Visiting with our Commander Mike Murphy: (on right)
Visitors speaking with the MCSO SWAT:
Pick up Vacation Watch Cards at any time at our front door, that is 24-7, 365 days a year:
A few Statistics on the Sun City Posse Services to the community:
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