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When visiting our lobby please note that masks are optional.

Visit one of our two locations

Headquarters: 10861 West Sunland Dr
Monday – Friday • 9:00 – 12:00

Satellite Office: 10415 W Grand Ave
Monday – Friday • 9:00 – noon

The Sun City Posse is an independent non-profit community service.


The Sun City Posse is an independent non-profit community service corporation made up entirely of resident volunteers.  We are not law enforcement; we are your neighbors, dedicated to adding an extra measure of security and reassurance for Sun City residents and their property. You can see the Posse at work patrolling the streets of Sun City, visiting a resident whose family or neighbors are concerned for their welfare, checking on homes of residents who are on extended vacation, or searching the area for a resident who has wandered away.  We assist the fire department in keeping streets clear so first responders can do their work, and provide helpful services like contacting a resident who has left their garage door open. We can guide you in setting up a Block Watch program in your neighborhood. We can also help you with traffic control and theft aversion at local events and rec center club activities. The Sun City Posse sponsors community events such as our popular recycling programs, and periodic seminars to keep you up to date on scams and frauds targeting our area. Look for us next time you’re out and about.  We’re the folks looking out for you.

No prior law enforcement experience is required and all training is provided free of charge.

The only requirements for membership are:

• You are at least 50 years old

• You live in Sun City at least 6 months each year

• You hold a valid Driver’s License

• You are in reasonably good health

• You successfully pass a background check


The Sun City Posse is organized to meet the needs of our senior community, focusing on senior safety and community service.

No one understands seniors’ safety concerns as well as other seniors.  All Posse members live in Sun City so we have a vested interest in the well-being of the community we serve.
While our members hail from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences, there are two things all Posse share in common:  a love of Sun City and a strong belief in the value of community service.   We are committed to the community, to you, and to the goal of making our community a safer place for all.
Sun City Posse Headquarters 10861 W Sunland Dr. Sun City, AZ 85351 Satellite Office 10415 W Grand Ave. Sun City, AZ  85351

The Sun City Posse has chosen David Miller to lead as Posse Commander for 2021.   Dave is committed to ensuring The Sun City Posse is a strong organization that can serve the community for decades to come.

October 2021 POSSE STATS

  • 369 Emergency Medical Calls w/Sun City Fire.

  • 218 Community Policing & Assistance. Respond to resident calls for assistance, unsecured doors (Homes & Business). Suspicious persons and or vehicles, traffic hazards. (in the street or along curb).

  • 917 Special Details, RCSC Events, Golf Cart Watches, Church Rummages and Craft Sales, Funeral Watches, Color Guard.

  • 2,654  Home Vacation Watches.

  • 20 Welfare Checks and Missing Persons.

  • 4,178 TOTAL CALLS




Sun City Posse Volunteer Opportunities

Our organization offers volunteers a broad range of opportunities to utilize their life and career skills