Who currently manages the POSSE?

The Posse is governed by a Board comprised of 8-12 Posse members. They are elected for 3-year terms of office. Meeting specific eligible criteria outlined in the By-laws, a Posse member can run for Commander. This is for a 1-year term. This person becomes the highest-ranking member of the Board and leads the Posse’s day-to-day operations. The Commander assigns each board member oversight of various operational functions within the Posse for that year. Because a new Commander is elected each year, this person may choose to reassign board members’ duties as needed.

Captain Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis is the Sun City Posse Commander for 2024. She relocated from Shawnee, KS in 2000. She joined the Posse in 2014 after retiring from a 45+ year career in the financial industry. Sarah is passionate about the Sun City Posse and the Sun City Community and will dedicate her year to addressing both internal and external endeavors. She is especially proud to be Commander during the 50th Anniversary year and to celebrate the Posse’s legacy for serving the Sun City Community for 50 years.

What is the Sun City Posse?

The Sun City Posse (Posse) is a 501c3 nonprofit community service organization established in 1973 and has provided nearly 50 years of continuous service. It is governed by an elected Board of Governors with an elected Commander who serves as the highest-ranking officer on the Board.

What is the Posse’s mission or purpose?

The Posse is comprised of your neighbors. We are dedicated to being the eyes and ears of our community, providing reassurance for Sun City residents. You can see the Posse at work patrolling the streets of Sun City, visiting a resident whose family or neighbors are concerned for their welfare, checking on homes of residents who are on extended vacation, or searching the area for a resident who has wandered away. We assist the fire department in keeping streets clear so first responders can do their work. We provide helpful services like contacting a resident who has left their garage door open. We want to be good neighbors!

Is the Posse a part of MCSO?

The Posse is not law enforcement and is not connected to MCSO. The posse patrols within the Sun City community, acting as eyes and ears for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) and acts as a deterrent to would-be criminal activity by our visible presence in the community.

How long has the Posse served Sun City?

In 2023, the Posse celebrates its 50th continuous year serving Sun City. The Posse owns the headquarters facility located at 10861 W. Sunland Drive and also maintains a satellite office at 10415 W. Grand Avenue, housed in the Recreation Center of Sun City (RCSC) Grand Center facility. We operate a fleet of patrol vehicles, two of which are hybrids. The long-range plan calls for the addition of other hybrid cars in the future. The general maintenance of the vehicles is provided at a well-equipped garage located on the property at the headquarters where the volunteers ensure the vehicles remain road worthy and safe.

What services are provided by the Posse?

There are a variety of Posse Services available to the community which includes Vacation Watch, Neighborhood Watch Training programs in conjunction with MCSO, Funeral Watch of homes during memorial services, traffic/Event Parking control for local events, and Community services such as recycling of electronics, shred-a-thons, drug takeback opportunities (with MCSO), and collection of eyeglasses and cell phones for repurposing as well as providing the respectful disposal of worn US flags.

How can I join the Posse?

The Posse is an all-volunteer organization with more than 150 members who serve in a variety of duties. The Posse respects the individuality of its volunteers and utilizes many of the lifelong skills they bring to the organization from their careers and years of experience in the world of work. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities within the organization and the Posse provides in-house training. To know more, contact Recruiting at 623-972-2555 Ext. 129.

How is the Posse funded?

The Posse is supported and maintained entirely by donations that come primarily from within the community we serve. October is designated as Fund Drive Month each year in which the community is made aware of the Posse’s services and encouraged to support the work through individual donations. You may Donate on the website using a credit card or by check through USPS or in person.