Community Liaison

The Community Liaison is a representative of the Posse whose responsibility is to connect the Posse with the Community. The Liaison is considered a point of contact and is available to provide speakers or representatives to attend your club, church, or other group meeting in order to share Posse services or safety tips, or provide a Posse information table at your event.  The Liaison is available to answer questions you have on “all things Posse” or connect you with the correct department.

Contact us at 623-972-2555 Ext. 144 or


In conjunction with the Community Liaison function, the Media Relations team oversees internal and external communication. The function is designed to provide the community with important information in an accurate and timely manner through a variety of mediums such as the Website, Facebook, newsletters, brochures, and publicity/advertising.  This team can assist is arranging interviews or providing articles or information to our community partners. 

Contact Media Relations at 623-972-2555 Ext. 115 or